The percentage bars indicate the stage of completion the project is at the present time. Projects showing 100% are done and ready for implementation in any classroom. Projects showing just 10% are up and comers, and their gauge will fill as the author(s) complete the work.
October, 2010 - Michelle Baragar is now working on completing the posting of the all projects. If you have completed any of these projects and have some exemplars to offer, those would be greatly appreciated!
What makes our Community Unique
Nikki Wood & Jody Poland - Greentree Elementary - Grade 1

Grade one students will explore their home community through a series of field trips and a webquest.

Moving Forward with the Past
Louise Ries - Brentwood Elementary - Grade 1

Explore your personal history and your family through a personal inquiry into your family and your past.

Project is complete for the community of Strathmore, though not for the community of Drumheller.
The Iqualuit Inquirer
Kyle Green - Brentwood Elementary - Grade 2

Welcome to the Iqaluit Inquirer. You have been given an important job by the mayor of Iqaluit; to start a brand new newspaper for our community.

Saskatoon 90.6 FM
Kyle Green - Brentwood Elementary - Grade 2

Welcome to Saskatoon 90.6, Saskatchewan's hottest new radio station!  You and your classmates are starting up a new radio station.  It will teach the community about Saskatoon's Ukrainian roots and the way it shapes the city's culture. 

Live at the Meteghan Sunrise!
Carrie Miller - Brentwood Elementary - Grade 2

Come and investigate life in the Acadian Coastal community of Meteghan and become a media star in the process!


Canadian Animal Exploration
Diane Baillargeon - Carseland School - Grade 2

Explore the Regions of Canada through an exploration of the different animals that live in each region!


Random Acts of Kindness
Korilee Marks - Greentree Elementary - Grade 2/3

An exploration of the results of doing Random Acts of Kindness.
Citizenship and identity are explored through these acts.

A Whole New World
Sue Noy, Rockyford School & Korilee Marks, Greentree Elementary - Grade 3

You and your family have moved away to a foreign country: Peru, Tunisia, Ukraine or India. Stay in touch with your friends back in Canada through this inquiry of communication!
Extinction Means Forever!
Erin Machacek & Gina Champigny - Greentree Elementary - Grade 3


Missing Person!
Terry Stankievech - Three Hills School - Grade 3

Travelling Treasures
Jill Rossi - Westmount Elementary School - Grade 4

Temperature's Rising!grade 3 missing persons
Jodi Carlson & Sandra Campbell - Carseland School - Grades 4/5/6

Consider the economy of Alberta, climate change and fossil fuel use in a Media presentation that integrates Social Studies, Science and Language Arts through Grades 4, 5 and 6.

Damage and Disaster
Gerri Tullikopf - Trochu Valley School - Grade 5

The regions of Canada are examined through an inquiry into disasterous weather and other damage.
An integration of Social Studies, Science and Language Arts

Survivor Six Nations
Jordan Lenz - Dr. Elliott School - Grade 6


Curious Curators
Jody Lammle - Three Hills School - Grade 6

As a member of a specialized historical research team, you will be researching the Iroquois confederacy for a display in the Three Hills Museum. 

Athenian Festival
Alison Ostergard - Greentree Elementary - Grade 6

Engage in an Athenian Festival, researching Ancient Greece. Final project involves the use of Windows Movie Maker

Postcards from the Past: Ancient Greece
Corinne Koppel, Cori Hampson & Trevor Tedrick, Westmount Elementary School - Grade 6

Uncle Alexander has a time machine in his garage, and he's ready to take you back to Ancient Greece through the city-states and to the birthplace of democracy!


China: The Olympic Pentathlon
Sarah Siegrist - Rockyford School - Grade 6

Explore China through a Pentathlon of Challenges! Start with the training activities and work your way through five China and Beijing Olympic challenges.

The Last Best West
Sherry Hempel - Dr. Elliott School - Grade 7

The Edge of the Earth
Linda Neilson - Crowther Memorial Junior High - Grade 8

Take a trip to the edge of the earth!  You are living in a time when travel and exploration is fueling the race for new trade routes to the east.   You will be facing dangers such as sea monsters, starvation and pirates.  Only the bravest will survive!

Modern Day Minstrels
Linda Neilson - Crowther Memorial Junior High - Grade 8

Consider yourself as a modern day minstrel.  Instead of roving town to town, you will be roving on an internet website. Explore worldviews that were forged during the Renaissance
Step Back in Time
Linda Neilson, CMJHS; Jodie Humen, CBV; Jeanine Beaudrie, Rockyford School - Grade 8

Battle for the Empire
Ian Bogle & Niki Cameron - Dr. Elliott School - Grade 8


Cracking the Codex
Linda Neilson - Crowther Memorial Junior High - Grade 8

As a team of experts, hired by the University of Utah, you have been commissioned to put together a virtual museum exhibit on Aztec codices

The Bushido Birthright
Linda Neilson, CMJHS; Jodie Humen, CBV; Jeanine Beaudrie, Rockyford School - Grade 8

A Picture Paints 1,000 Words
Anne Enns, Prairie Christian Academy - Grade 8

The Daimyo Diaries
Linda Neilson, CMJHS; Jodie Humen, CBV; Jeanine Beaudrie, Rockyford School - Grade 8

The Soul of the Samurai
Linda Neilson, CMJHS; Jodie Humen, CBV; Jeanine Beaudrie, Rockyford School - Grade 8

An inquiry into Japan through the history of the Samurai and the art of the Haiku.


Are You Being Played?
Patty Brown - Prairie Christian Academy, Three Hills - Grade 9

Advertising is literally everywhere. Companies are even investigating launching advertisements into space where they can be viewed by people on earth. Are you a victim? Are you being played?

Raise Your Voice
Cathy Price - Three Hills School - Grade 9

On April 1, 2008, the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) will mark its fifth anniversary as the guiding legislation for youth criminal justice in Canada. But, is the system working?  You be the judge…

The European Union & Sovereignty
Fran Winther & Bill Cunningham - Trochu Valley School - Grade 10

Students become a Member of the E.U. and inquire into a current issue facing the EU. Through this process of inquiry they will determine "To what extent should nations surrender sovereignty in pursuit of political and/or economic globalization?"


Duane Dobson & Susan Cullum - Prairie Christian Academy, Three Hills - Grade 10

"To what extent does globalization contribute to sustainable prosperity for all people?"